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Our recipe for great memories

Here are a few of our most popular mixes

Whatever happened to mealtime connections?

Remember weekend breakfasts as a kid? That was slow food time. Relationships time. Stop and smell the pancakes time.

Today it seems everyone, from preschoolers to grandparents, can easily wind up overbooked.

Between work, school, sports, practice, yoga, and volunteering, it’s easy to forget how to slow down and be present.

Quality time with loved ones seems so rare…but it’s never been so needed.

We know you're busy and overbooked.
That's why we pre-make our mixes.

It's so easy, our mixes will become your go-to mealmaker.

We’ve mastered the complexity of milling

so you can enjoy the simplicity of baking with our mixes
We’ve mastered the complexity of milling
Meals turned into Meaningful Moments
  • Best brownie mix and pancake mix - cannot beat them!


  • I love making the Original Pancakes on Saturday mornings with my kids. Easy and delicious.


  • I love this place! Thanks for putting a smile on my face.